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Vestiario, abbigliamento, medievale, abiti, ordine, ordini, mantelli, mantello, ospitaliero, teutonico, san, giovanni, dama, cavaliere, calatrava, sigillo, croce, patente, monastico, guerriero, tunica, giacca, stendardo, stendardi, templari, stivaletti, cinture, | Clothing, medieval, Knights Templar, Cloak, Costume, cross, sewn, Hospitallers, Calatrava

Medieval - Medieval Clothing - Medieval clothing Vestiario abbigliamento medievale cavaliere, tunica, giacca, stendardi, templari, Clothing medieval.| MEDIEVAL CLOTHING and chivalric orders: the Knights Templar, Knights of St. John or Hospitallers, Teutonic Knights of Calatrava, Knights of St. Tiago.

Templar Robe In Pure Wool

Medioevo Medieval clothing

Price: € 450.00
(Price: GB $328.5 - US $472.5)

(new, in stock)

Pure wool garment with long sleeves and white coat with red cross sewn on the chest and left shoulder. Provided with a leather belt.

The same material are also straps and finishings.

The Templars were the white robes of the Cistercian monks following the adoption of their rule, while the cross was only granted in 1147 by Pope Eugenius III.



Medioevo: Templar Robe In Pure Wool (code: 1135)

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