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Ancient Rome - Roman Armours - Leather belt with metal plates suit by the Roman legionaries who was hung the scabbard of a dagger. Armature romane, armatura dell'antica roma, lorica segmentata, corazze romane, busto romano, armatura da soldato romano gallico, imperiale, armature per costumi di scena romani imperiali, gladio romano, Cingulum romano, cintura Scutum legionario, Ocreas, Thraex, armi antiche.| Roman Armours, armor of ancient rome, lorica segmented, Roman armor, Roman bust, Gallic Roman soldier's armor, imperial armor costumes for Roman imperial Roman sword, Cingulum Roman Legionary Scutum belt, Ocreas, Thraex, ancient weapons,

Cingulum Roman first century AD

Antica Roma Leather belt with metal plates suit by the Roman legionaries who was hung the scabbard of a dagger.

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"Cingulum" dress belt by Roman legionnaires in the first century AD, which was suspended in the sheath of the dagger (pugio).

The "cingulum" differs from the other belts to be fitted above a curtain of strips of leather in varying numbers (4-6) hanging from the front.

Both the front wall that the strips were covered with plates of bronze or tin of varying shape.

This "cingulum" is made of leather covered with metal plates with geometric figures in relief.

Leather with metal plates.


- Length: approx. 125 cm

- Weight: approx. 2.7 kg

Shipping weight: 2.70 kg


Antica Roma: Cingulum Roman first century AD (code: 1171)

Cingulum Roman
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