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Ancient Rome - Roman swords - Roman Gladius Pompeii first century. AD, double-edged steel blade, knob and handle disc anatomy. Gladio romano antica Roma, riproduzioni di gladi romani, spade e armi dell'Antica Roma: gladio romano imperiale gallico, daghe romane, pugi romani, giavellotti romano, pilum romano a Codolo, stendardi pretoriani, spade vichinghe, spade celtiche.| Ancient Rome Roman Gladius, reproductions of Roman swords and weapons of Ancient Rome: Roman Imperial Gallic sword, Roman Gladius, Roman spears, Roman pilum Shank, banners praetorians, Viking swords, Celtic swords

Gladius Roman Pompeii

Antica Roma Roman Gladius Pompeii first century. AD, double-edged steel blade, knob and handle disc anatomy.

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Roman sword known as "type Pompeii" named after the famous city from which several specimens have been excavated.

Melee weapon supplied to legions spread in the second half of the century double-edged steel blade tip and small, but previous versions assumes a straight shape, becoming a weapon of transition between the sword and the next Hispanic sword.

Guard reduced, knob, disc and anatomic handle faux bone. Fitted sheath covered the brass-plated metal and decorated leather section.

Total length 74 cm.

Antica Roma: Gladius Roman Pompeii (code: 1212)

Wooden sword,  Roman gladius
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