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Ancient Rome - Roman swords - An original of this dates back to around 70 AD found near Mainz, Germany Gladio romano antica Roma, riproduzioni di gladi romani, spade e armi dell'Antica Roma: gladio romano imperiale gallico, daghe romane, pugi romani, giavellotti romano, pilum romano a Codolo, stendardi pretoriani, spade vichinghe, spade celtiche.| Ancient Rome Roman Gladius, reproductions of Roman swords and weapons of Ancient Rome: Roman Imperial Gallic sword, Roman Gladius, Roman spears, Roman pilum Shank, banners praetorians, Viking swords, Celtic swords

Gladio Romano century BC - I AD

Antica Roma An original of this dates back to around 70 AD found near Mainz, Germany

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Century AD Roman sword blade and two-wire tip, large apple-shaped or spheroid bilenticolare on an anatomical handle (four cylinder with depressions to accommodate the fingers), made of cast metal.

Complete with scabbard with suspension derived from the eastern side consists of two rings, covered in brown leather.

An original of this type, dating to around AD 70 and to provide missing was found near Mainz in Germany and is now in the British Museum in London.

Total length 74 cm.

Antica Roma: Gladio Romano century BC - I AD (code: 1213)

Black Roman Gladius
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