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Riproduzioni, spade, collezione, realizzate, Marto, Spagna, produzione spade, spagnole, di Toledo.|Swords, collection, World, Cinema, quality, Marto.

Swords and Ancient Weapons - Swords Collection of World Cinema - Inspired by Christopher Columbus Le Spade dei Film, riproduzioni di spade da collezione realizzate con la massima cura e attenzione. Spade del mondo del cinema.| Swords drawn from popular literature ripodotti novels on the big screen. Objects of incredible beauty, characterized by a high level of quality.

Columbus Sword

Marto Toledo Inspired by Christopher Columbus

Price: € 296.00
(Price: GB $216.08 - US $310.8)

(new, in stock)

Sword inspired by the character Captain Christopher Columbus October 12, 1492 discovery of the Americas. The blade of the sword is steel, the top decorated with an engraving depicting the three caravels that plow the sea.

The hilt is cast metal gold. The Elso has short arms depicting two monsters from the queue with curved center plate-shaped head still in burnished metal.

Even the knob disc has a center plate decorated in relief form, however, round.

The handle is then covered in brown velvet and wrapped a cord Gold plated.

Total length 116 cm.


Marto Toledo: Columbus Sword (code: 1224)

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