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Armours - Medieval shields - Ornamental triangular shield. Riproduzione di scudi medievali in ferro e in legno del medioevo per rievocazione storica e da esposizione, scudi da battaglia, scudi da abbinare ad armature armature, medioevo | Reproduction medieval shields of iron and wooden shields of the Middle Ages, shields for reenactment and exposure, battle shields, armor shields to be used with armor, medieval, Shields, cross and shield, Templar shields, medieval shields

Shield Anjou

Armours - Medieval shields - Ornamental triangular shield.
Armours - Medieval shields - Ornamental triangular shield.

Marto Toledo Ornamental triangular shield.

Price: € 258.00
(Price: GB $188.34 - US $270.9)

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Shield triangular ornamental metal.

Painted in black with red cross and finish craquelè.

At the center is riveted a gold metal foil shield depicting the arms of the duchy of Anjou and that is three lilies are illustrated to metal in relief.

Size 72x50 cm.


Marto Toledo: Shield Anjou (code: 1306)

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