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Armours - Medieval Helmets - Pig Faced Bacinet, Medieval bascinet helmet with bearded mask and said hounskull, with ventilation holes. Riproduzione di elmi del medioevo, elmi completamente indossabili per rievocazione storica, elmi da combattimento, elmi da armatura, cervelliera, elmi per armature, coppo, casco, copricapo, nasale, elmo crociato, elmo templare, ogivato, celata, veneziana. | Reproduction of medieval helmets, helmets totally wearable for historical reconstruction. Replica of medieval helmet, helmets for combat, Angled, Sugarloaf, helmets Templar, crusader helmet, Viking Helmet, Norman Nasal Helmet and Chainmail Drape in Steel; Leather Trim - Wearable Costume Armor.

Medieval Bascinet Helmet Hounskull Armor

Artigianato Medievale Pig Faced Bacinet, Medieval bascinet helmet with bearded mask and said hounskull, with ventilation holes.

Price: € 310.00
(Price: GB $226.3 - US $325.5)

(new, in stock)

Sec XIV Hats healthy pelvis pinned called "Pig faced bacinet", equipped with ventilation holes.

Along the edge is riveted chain mail in a range, known as the "bearded", to protect the neck.

In use the heavy cavalry in the second half of the fourteenth century. Made entirely of wrought iron hand.


Artigianato Medievale: Medieval Bascinet Helmet Hounskull Armor (code: 1376)

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