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Ancient Rome - Roman swords - Javelin (pilum) Rome I - II sec. AD Gladio romano antica Roma, riproduzioni di gladi romani, spade e armi dell'Antica Roma: gladio romano imperiale gallico, daghe romane, pugi romani, giavellotti romano, pilum romano a Codolo, stendardi pretoriani, spade vichinghe, spade celtiche.| Ancient Rome Roman Gladius, reproductions of Roman swords and weapons of Ancient Rome: Roman Imperial Gallic sword, Roman Gladius, Roman spears, Roman pilum Shank, banners praetorians, Viking swords, Celtic swords

Pilum Roman javelin

Ancient Rome - Roman swords - Javelin (pilum) Rome I - II sec. AD
Ancient Rome - Roman swords - Javelin (pilum) Rome I - II sec. AD

Antica Roma Javelin (pilum) Rome I - II sec. AD

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Javelin (pilum) Roman. This model javelin was certainly in use as early as the third century BC and still flanked by the first two centuries AD model "tang" that was emerging as the main weapons of the legionary.

Derived from "pilum" heavy use in previous centuries, was gradually lightened until it reaches about 2 kg in weight.

Total length 200 cm.

Antica Roma: Pilum Roman javelin (code: 1482)

Gladius, Sword of the Roman
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