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costumi medievali, abiti, tuniche, cotte, camicie, abbigliamento, medievale, maschile. | Medieval Costumes, Medieval Clothing, museums, castles, historically, Middle Ages,

Medieval - Medieval Clothing - Medieval Costume (Man) - Costume (1460-1490 approx) available in individual parts. I nostri costumi medievali sono realizzati con materiali di alta qualità, le riproduzioni sono storicamente documentate. Usiamo tecniche di produzione più vicine all'epoca medievale. | Our Medieval Costumes are made using hig quality materials and all of them are historically documented. We research each Medieval Costume using original artifacts, or visual sources like paintings, woodcuts and medieval codex. Many of our costume are exact museum replicas, others are logical extrapolations based on medieval sources.

Full Burgundian fifteenth century.

Costume (1460-1490 approx) available in individual parts.

Price: € 519.60
(Price: GB $379.308 - US $545.58)

(new, in stock)

262.80 - Burgundian doublet lined in linen
50.4 - Shirt model-B-
123.60 - Calzebraghe fifteenth century.
25.20 - Panties C
19.20 - Belt Model-CF
32.40 - Hat to acorn
Not included: Shoes.

(code: 1635)

Dress rich bourgeois
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