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Collectible Porcelain Dolls - Porcelain Dolls - Bisque Porcelain Dolls - Dolls porcelain bisque certified Made in Italy. Size: 11 inches. Bambole di porcellana bisquit da collezione. Bambole certificate Made in Italy. Bambole realizzate con cura da sapienti artigiani e con le migliori qualità di porcellana di biscuit, i migliori tessuti e trine pregiati, fantasia e creatività uno stile originale e inconfondibile. La cura dei dettagli e la qualità dei materiali fanno di queste bambole, dei pezzi unici da collezione, la cui autenticità è garantita | Bisque Porcelain Dolls. dolls certified Made in Italy. Dolls made with care by skilled craftsmen with the best quality of bisque porcelain, the finest fabrics and laces fine, imagination and creativity an original style and unmistakable. Attention to detail and quality materials make these dolls, collectible pieces, whose authenticity is guaranteed.

Mary Doll Pleated

Montedragone Bambole Dolls porcelain bisque certified Made in Italy. Size: 11 inches.

Price: € 188.00
(Price: GB $137.24 - US $197.4)

(new, in stock)

All parts are made of bisque porcelain. Costumes are made of the finest fabrics and accessories.

The porcelain doll is made as shown in the image shown - from hair to shoes, hands.

We will endeavour to deliver your goods within 12 days of sending you the order confirmation.
Personage collectible porcelain bisque.
Facial expressions, colors, makeup are elements that are created individually for each doll. Every detail of the dolls are handmade, each element considered as an object of art. The best fabrics, clothing, hand-sewn with ancient traditional methods all of which adds to the charm of each doll.
Materials: A doll made ​​entirely of porcelain. The body is movable. It is possible to change the position of the doll, changing the position of his head, of the arms and legs because they are mobile.
Doll collectible porcelain bisque.

Manufacturer: Montedragone.

Author: S. Rosssetti.

Dimensions: 11 inches (28 cm).

Made in Italy.

Material: porcelain biscuit.

Gender: Girl.

Montedragone Bambole: Mary Doll Pleated (code: 1710)

Annetta, porcelain doll
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