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Libri - Musica - Poesia - Narrativa - Autore: Erika Dagnino vendita Thea De benedetti, Daniela La Torre


Sibilla Edizioni Autore: Erika Dagnino

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A writer and a poet, Erika Dagnino has contributed to the literary
and music magazines Fertililinfe, Quaderni d’Altri Tempi, Suono Sonda
and the website

She wrote the liner notes for Anthony Braxton’s Italian Quartet,
Standards (2006), recorded live at PP CafÚ, Brussels. She has also
worked with Italian avant-garde violinist Stefano Pastor, English
saxophonist George Haslam and American pianist and composer Chris Brown.

She has performed in New York with Satoshi Takeishi, Jason Mears,
Kevin Farrell, Mike Pride, Chris Welcome, Reuben Radding, Harris
Eisenstadt and has collaborated with the American poet Mark Weber and
with a number of visual artists.

Her poetry, fiction and drama have appeared in various anthologies
and have won several awards. Her latest works include Ru e Fro, GŔr e
MÓl (novella), Cycles (mixed media, with Stefano Pastor and with
English translation by Anthony Barnett), Racconti dell'ombra (short
stories), I canti dell'occhio and Dal fondo del metallo (poetry).

Sibilla Edizioni: Motions (code: 1924)

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