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Ancient Rome - Roman swords - Roman Gladius parallel wires and short tip, pommel spheroid and anatomic handle. Gladio romano antica Roma, riproduzioni di gladi romani, spade e armi dell'Antica Roma: gladio romano imperiale gallico, daghe romane, pugi romani, giavellotti romano, pilum romano a Codolo, stendardi pretoriani, spade vichinghe, spade celtiche.| Ancient Rome Roman Gladius, reproductions of Roman swords and weapons of Ancient Rome: Roman Imperial Gallic sword, Roman Gladius, Roman spears, Roman pilum Shank, banners praetorians, Viking swords, Celtic swords

Roman Gladius

Antica Roma Roman Gladius parallel wires and short tip, pommel spheroid and anatomic handle.

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Glaudius, Roman sword-type late first century AD, with wires parallel and bit shorter, spheroid bone and anatomic handle. Comes complete with scabbard suspension of eastern origin, ie with two rings on each side.

Pompeian style. Made with iron blade and wooden hilt.

Comes complete with leather covered scabbard with gold plated metal parts.

Size 83 x 11 x 4 cm - weight 1460 gr

Antica Roma: Roman Gladius (code: 2086)

Century BC The Roman Gladius
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