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Jewellery - Templar Medieval - Jerusalem cross ring enamelled, made of metal with silver bath. Ciondolo templare, anello templare, ciondolo sigillo templare, collezione dei templari, ordine dei templari, croce patente| Faithful reproduction of the seal rings Templar Templar pendants, cufflinks wrist Templar Cross, other objects in the collection of the Templars. Symbols play after detailed historical research that ensure the fidelity of iconography

Ring Jerusalem Cross

Medioevo Jerusalem cross ring enamelled, made of metal with silver bath.

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Ring Jerusalem Cross, or Jerusalem, a cross reinforced by four smaller crosses in the corners, the cross was the emblem of the kingdom of Jerusalem and the five crosses resembled the five wounds of Christ.

Wear it and you too joined the Order of Templars.

Medioevo: Ring Jerusalem Cross (code: 2164)

Ring Jerusalem Cross
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