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Armours - Medieval Body Armour - Easy-to-chest armor to protect the front of the trunk, made of polished steel. Armature medievali, tutti i componenti che compongono l'armatura: corazze per armatura, schienali, pettorali, cotte, maglia in ferro, ginocchiere, manopole a dita separate,| Medieval Body Armour, Parts of armor, all the components that make up the armor: armor, caps, back, pectorals, chainmail iron knobs to separate fingers, knee, shoulder straps, leggings, greaves, Greaves, cops, cap, hat, stringers, busts, gorgera, stockings iron | Medieval armors from Italy, Medieval armor manufacturers, wholesale medieval armours, medieval armor supplier, medieval armor wholesale, medieval armour exporters, medieval body armor, medieval body armour supplier.

Breastplate armor (ornamental)

Marto Toledo Easy-to-chest armor to protect the front of the trunk, made of polished steel.

Price: € 251.00
(Price: GB $183.23 - US $263.55)

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Simple chest armor to protect the front of the trunk. Typical model dell'armoreria Spanish sixteenth century. Worn mainly by foot was connected to the torso by means of leather straps that weave back.

Made of polished steel. Size 49X40 cm.



Marto Toledo: Breastplate armor (ornamental) (code: 230)

With bust Templar Cross
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Armor breastplate (ornament)
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