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Ancient Rome - Roman swords - Roman Gladius (of Tiberio). Gladio romano antica Roma, riproduzioni di gladi romani, spade e armi dell'Antica Roma: gladio romano imperiale gallico, daghe romane, pugi romani, giavellotti romano, pilum romano a Codolo, stendardi pretoriani, spade vichinghe, spade celtiche.| Ancient Rome Roman Gladius, reproductions of Roman swords and weapons of Ancient Rome: Roman Imperial Gallic sword, Roman Gladius, Roman spears, Roman pilum Shank, banners praetorians, Viking swords, Celtic swords

Gladius of Tiberio, with scabbard

Ancient Rome - Roman swords - Roman Gladius (of Tiberio).
Ancient Rome - Roman swords - Roman Gladius (of Tiberio).
Ancient Rome - Roman swords - Roman Gladius (of Tiberio).

Antica Roma Roman Gladius (of Tiberio).

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Gladius of Tiberius, with scabbard


One of the weapons with which the legionaries of Rome conquered much of the then known world was the gladius.

The different types are mainly classified according to the blade or position.


This sword (Latin Gladius) is of the Mainz type with a double-edged blade.

It is extremely efficient for slashing and stabbing techniques and was a feared close combat weapon.


This replica has an EN45 spring steel blade, which is not sharp. The handle and knob are made of wood.


The sword sheath is made of leather.

it has richly decorated brass and sheet metal fittings, which the emperors Augustus and Tiberius show, as well as support rings on the sides of the scabbard.


Special Features:


- Gladius type Mainz


- Ornate sword scabbard




- Blade material: EN45 spring steel


- Total length: about 75 cm


- Blade length: approx.56.5 cm


- Handle length: approx.18.5 cm


- Weight without scabbard: about 954 g


The above specifications may vary slightly from item to item.

Antica Roma: Gladius of Tiberio, with scabbard (code: 2685)

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