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Armours - Medieval Armour - Armor Templar parade, resumes models invoking the symbolism of the fifteenth century Templar. Armature medievali indossabili e ornamentali, fedeli riproduzioni di armature storiche, armature medievali per musei, armature per arredo locali medievali, armature medievali da combattimento, Armature riprodotte per resistere ai colpi, armature leggere per esposizioni, armature fantasy su misura e su modelli forniti dai clienti.

Templar Armour

Marto Toledo Armor Templar parade, resumes models invoking the symbolism of the fifteenth century Templar.

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Armor Templar parade, this parade full plate armor take inspiration by fifteenth century's models and callback Templar symbology either in the great helm that is the typical one used by the crusaders in the Holy Land either in the breastplate and gauntlets decorations both rich of Patteé Crosses and others Templars' seals and emblems.
The armor is provided with a templar investiture sword, a parade shield decorated by the “Sigillum Militum Xristi” and a white cloak with a red Patteé Cross broidered near the left shoulder.
This armor is totally made in iron with brass cutins and it's assembled on an elegant wooden leathered basement.

Height 78,7 inches

Marto Toledo: Templar Armour (code: 735)

Templar Armor
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