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Armours - Medieval Armour - Medieval armor: coat of arms shield, armor aluminum exposure. Armature medievali indossabili e ornamentali, fedeli riproduzioni di armature storiche, armature medievali per musei, armature per arredo locali medievali, armature medievali da combattimento, Armature riprodotte per resistere ai colpi, armature leggere per esposizioni, armature fantasy su misura e su modelli forniti dai clienti.

Medieval armor

Medioevo Medieval armor: coat of arms shield, armor aluminum exposure.

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Medieval armor, ornamental suit of armor that reproduces a typical "italian-style" model of the XVth-XVIth century, recognizable from the plain surface's patches. This armor is characterized by a cavalry helmet dating back to the first half of the XVIth century equipped with a mobile aventail with vertical breathing slits. On the chest is drawn in relief a shield with a coat-of arms. Height 6'3". Weight 34 pds. Handcrafted in burnished aluminium with leather fittings. Provided with a wooden base and an halberd.

Medioevo: Medieval armor (code: 743)

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