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Vestiario, abbigliamento, medievale, abiti, ordine, ordini, mantelli, mantello, ospitaliero, teutonico, san, giovanni, dama, cavaliere, calatrava, sigillo, croce, patente, monastico, guerriero, tunica, giacca, stendardo, stendardi, templari, stivaletti, cinture, | Clothing, medieval, Knights Templar, Cloak, Costume, cross, sewn, Hospitallers, Calatrava

Medieval - Medieval Clothing - Cross of Santiago Vestiario abbigliamento medievale cavaliere, tunica, giacca, stendardi, templari, Clothing medieval.| MEDIEVAL CLOTHING and chivalric orders: the Knights Templar, Knights of St. John or Hospitallers, Teutonic Knights of Calatrava, Knights of St. Tiago.

Banner Santiago

Marto Toledo Cross of Santiago

Price: € 74.00
(Price: GB $54.02 - US $77.7)

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The Cross of Santiago, is the symbol of the military / religious order of Santiago, or St. James of Compostela. The origin of this order dating from the twelfth century in the kingdom of León.

They are named after the patron saint of Spain, James the Greater, under whose protection the Christians of Galicia and Asturias began in the ninth century to fight the Muslims of Spain.

Banner Cotton depicted two cross of Santiago on one side only

Measures: 110x70 cm.


Marto Toledo: Banner Santiago (code: 1487)

Standard Teutonic double-sided
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