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Medieval - Templars - Templars Objects - Garnish with crosses and on which licenses have been applied five elements for hanging clothes. Riproduzione e vendita di oggetti templari: spille, ciondoli, tagliacarte, timbri con simboli templari, medaglie, mattonelle in resina recante impresso il sigillo dell'ordine Templare, fermacarte, penne con simboli templari, porta pastiglie, lenti, cornici, gemelli da polso. Templare e Cavalieri Templari, Ordine canonici del Santo Sepolcro, Ordine di San Giovanni dell'Ospedale, Ordine dei Teutonici o di Santa Maria di Gerusalemme, spada dei templari, anello templare sigillo dei templari, sigillo templare, pugnali templari, Genova. | Reproduction and sale of Templars objects: brooches, pendants, letter opener, stamps with Templar symbols, medals, resin tiles bearing the seal of the Templar Order, paperweights, pens with Templar symbols, door pads, lenses, frames, cufflinks. Templar and Knights Templar, Order of Canons of the Holy Sepulchre, Order of St. John Hospital, or the Teutonic Order of St. Maria of Jerusalem, the sword templar, templar ring seal of the Templars, the Templar Seal, Knights Templar daggers

Horizontal hanger Templar Sword

Marto Toledo Garnish with crosses and on which licenses have been applied five elements for hanging clothes.

Price: € 498.00
(Price: GB $363.54 - US $522.9)

(new, in stock)

most appreciated by the sword Templar completely made of stainless investiture of Toledo, and a brilliant design work here comes a truly unique and original hook. In all parts of the sword stand the calls to order, from handle beautifully decorated and full of symbols of the Templar tradition, enhanced by gold paint on the blade which has an elaborate decoration with black crosses and licenses which have been applied to the five elements hang your clothes made of silver metal, each bearing the emblem of the cross Templar (or license) and a series of decorations intertwined in medieval style.
The charm of a real sword templar combined with the practicality of an object to be designed furniture will make your property attractive to another collector's item must for fans of this famous order.


Marto Toledo: Horizontal hanger Templar Sword (code: 270)

Tile with Templar Seal
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